Here is a (n incomplete) list of some of the events that I have organized, or have taken part of.



Seminari Cuc: Seminar on Proof Theory and Modal Logic

PhD Seminar on Mathematical Logic


Online International Workshop on Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems (2021, Online, Wuhan, China))

Quantified reflection calculus with one modality is decidable in the Joint seminar "Proof Theory" and "Online Logic Seminar" at the (via web-cast) Steklov Mathematical Institute, 2021 Moscow (also ytb)

Oberwolfach Meeting: Mathematical Logic: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics (November, 2020, online)

Online logic seminar on Foundations of Mathematics at Wuhan University: Iterated consistency, reflection and foundations of mathematics, November 2020 also on Chinese mirror.

Symposium FV Time Manager Presentation, October 21, 2020, Streaming from Barcelona

Advances in Modal Logic, August 24 -- August 28, 2020, Streaming from Helsinki

Computer Science Logic, January 13 -- January 16, 2020, Barcelona

Workshop on the occasion of Dick de Jongh's 80th Birthday, November 27 2019, Amsterdam

Fifth International Wormshop (Lustrum edition), November 2019, Barcelona

II Seminario Internacional DAIA de Derecho público. “Datos e inteligencia artificial en el sector público: la importancia de las garantías jurídicas” , October 2019, Valencia

II UB International PhD in Law Conference: Diffuse and artificial legal personalities, April 2019, Barcelona

Fourth International Wormshop, October 2017, Moscow

Third International Wormshop, September 2016, Tbilisi

Second International Wormshop, September/October 2014, Mexico City


Days on Model Theory and Applications, February 2014

WormShop 2012

Logic Colloquium 2011

Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems 2014

Algorithmic Nature Group

LABORES, Laboratoire de Recherche Scientifique


Here is the official webpage and we also maintain a less official but more practical webpage.

To get an impression about the theses that are written at the end of our master we have:
Thesis publication series of the Master in Pure and Applied Logic
Instructions on how to submit your thesis can be found here.


2021 Scientific coffee the UB: The digital revolution, ">are we all prepared for it?

2019 Scientific coffee the UB: Can we trust computer's reasoning?

Terricoles interview


Error Free Software Project, 2018--2022.

Barcelona Group on Pure and Applied Proof Theory

Prometheuss Grup --Proof Methods for European Software Systems--

Old events

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