Symposium FV Time Manager Presentation

When: 21-10-2020

Where: Remote

Organising committee: Aleix Solé Sánchez (Chair), Eric Sancho Adamson (Co-chair), Ana Borges de Almeida, Mireia Bedmar González, Quim Casals Buñuel, Juan Conejero Rodriguez, Eduardo Hermo Reyes, Jan Mas Rovira


Dr. Joost J. Joosten and his team present the FV Time Manager, a software that converts and manipulates different time stamps and performs arithmetical operations on them. This time manager is novel and revolutionary in two aspects: firstly, it is generated from a formally verified source and as such, this source code is guaranteed via a mathematical proof to be error-free; secondly, it incorporates so-called leap seconds (in a novel fashion) which are small time variations which most pre-existing time managers have so far ignored, but nonetheless should be accounted for according to the law. The latter has a real impact on road transportation, as shall be shown in the presentation. As such, this project is a first step to an unprecedented level of cybersecurity.



Recording of the presentation