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PhD students

PhD students who already defended

Ana de Almeida Borges

Candidate: Ana de Almeida Borges;
Thesis title: Suitable logics: provability, temporal laws, and formalization;
Jury: Lev Beklemishev, Yannick Forster, Andrés Cordón Franco;
Finished 12-01-2024.\\

Luka Mikec

Candidate: Luka Mikec;
Thesis title: On Logics and Semantics for Interpretability;
Co-directed with Mladen Vukovic;
Jury: Rineke Verbrugge, Tommaso Moraschini, Vedran Cacic;
Finished 30-04-2021.\\

Eduardo Hermo Reyes

Candidate: Eduardo Hermo Reyes;
Thesis title: The Logic of Turing Progressions;
Co-directed with David Fernández Duque;
Jury: Félix Lara Martín, Bahareh Afshari, Lev Beklemishev;
Finished 04-11-2019.\\

Master students

Master students who already defended

Jan Mas Rovira

Marina López Chamosa

Candidate: Marina López Chamosa;
Thesis title: On interval logics and stopwatches in model-checking real-time systems;
Co-directed with Moritz Müller;
Finished (ETA) 12-09-2022.\\

Current master students