This is an outdated page. Interests have changed a bit although some questions remain open and interesting. Please look at my papers for more actual information on ongoing research.

Arithmetic will substitute a significant part of my investigations. The research on interpretability logic will also take place on the modal- and the arithmetical- level. The interplay of these two fields promise interesting developments.

A little group of logicians has started to study the first three chapters of the book "Metamathematics of First-Order Arithmetic" by Petr Hajek and Pavel Pudlak. The idea is to meet once in say two weeks. One of the participants will present a part of the book. If someone is interested in joining the group please let me know by sending an e-mail. Passive participation is also welcome. The place of action is every time to be decided on and will also be depending on the members of the group. So far there is six of us.

Some of the open questions we are working on also essentially involve arithmetic.

Joost Joosten
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