Mentor system of the Barcelona master in pure and applied logic (2014-2016)


The mentor system is an informal structure that should facilitate contact between the students and the lecturers. The main coordinator is Joost J. Joosten and the mentors are Joan Bagaria, Rafel Faré, Ramon Jansana, and Joost Joosten.

Each student is assigned a tutor (as listed below). The tutor will schedule meetings with the students discussing issues varying from student-housing to academical issues and whatever student and/or mentor might deem relevant.


We will in principle not have too many meetings. A tentative schedule is as follows.

Second Week: In the week of 22-26 September. The mentor meets with each student individually.

Fourth Week: (The week of October 6-October 10) A meeting with all the mentor's students. Normally these are two or three students.

Second Month: Probably some time near the end of october/beginning of November. Meeting with the students individually.

Students and Mentors

The distribution of the students over the four mentors is as follows:
Tuomas Hakoniemi: JOAN
Alonso Lenin: JOAN

Giulio Alonso Spina: RAFEL
Xabier Mauri: RAFEL

Richard Hofmann: JOOST
Pilar Garcia De la Parra: JOOST

Juan Sebastian Zambrano Baron: RAMON
Rostylav Koplochuk: RAMON
Javier Martin: RAMON